Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The time of subservience in the Arab world is finished

Since the end of the World War 2 and the imperialism of the Western countries especially Britain, France, Italy and America the Arab countries are controlled by dictator regimes. All of these dictators are poppets for the same imperialistic Western countries. The creation of the state of Israel in 1940s in Palestine made the situation worst and with time the same imperialistic countries supported the new state of (Israel). This issue was the main point concerning the western countries for which they allowed their poppets to suppress the people in the Arab countries. They fear that the Arabs will abort their plans in the region. This western countries’ fear is because their plans in the Arab region are always evil plans against the Arab countries. It is not different from their plans during the imperialism time in which they plunder the Arab wealth especially the oil and made them to stay behind in everything.

America and the UK were recently the main players in the war against Iraq in which hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed since 1991 until now. The same two countries played the major role in the misery of the Arab people since the WW-2. The local people in the Arab world trust not America at all.

The American role is evil role and America is the biggest state supporting the terrorism especially when it comes to the states terrorism. The state terrorism is the worst one and it existed over a large scale in every country in the Arab world. The suppression and the strangulation of the freedom is the daily practice of the Arab poppet government against their people. This happening to variable extent throughout the Arab world especially including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, UAE, Oman, Somalia, and basically all the Arab world. Moreover all the Arab governments are corrupts. The best example is Saudi Arabia which is very widely supported by the West especially by the UK and America. There are thousands of princes and princess of the Saudi ruling family who control the large wealth of (Saudi Arabia) while poverty is gnaw on the people of the state not to mention the oppression of the Saudi people by the Saudi ruling family. Similar situation exist everywhere in Arab world including the Gulf region such as Bahrain and UAE. The rulers have nothing but disdain about the destiny of their people as we saw this in the statement of Huseni Mubarak in Egypt last night and few weeks ago by the Tunisian deposed dictator.

The revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia and the big tension and congestions in the rest of the Arab world proved to everyone that the Arab new generations are still alive and will never die but even better than the previous generations. Their dignity and attachment to their nationalism and religion will never come to compromise. The time of the servility is gone and the Arab world is going to change toward the freedom, democracy, and to say big No to the imperialism and the hypocrites like America and its western allies.

Victory is to the Arab people against the American poppet regimes and all corrupts. Victory is to the Egyptian people.

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