Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

America and the West deception about Democracy

Let us first see if there is a real democracy in the USA and the Western countries or not?

Democracy means that there is a freedom for the people to select their rulers starting from the head of the pyramids to the bases. This has to occur in short terms ideally not exceeding 4 years. It should be transparent, free and everyone has to have full freedom to elect or nominate himself for any position. The democracy should involve all aspects of life and not only the top of the government. There should be no head of department or company or college or similar without elections. The big question is; is this democracy happening in the West? The simple answer is big No.

In the West its own democracy is nothing but the surface of the top of the pyramid. If we take an example the USA it got two parties that they succeed on power; namely the Democrats and the Republican since the formation of the United State. The other example is the UK which got two main parties succeeded on power the Conservative and the Labour. Other Western countries are just the same. In all of these countries each party to control power by election they deceive their own people by promises to reduce taxes and improving the condition of living but once they come to power they do the reverse and so on. On the other hand there are no democracy at all on the other levels below the top and the surface. In conclusion there is no real democracy anywhere in the world.

The deception that America and the Western countries use with their people used in a different way with the Arab countries and other countries. The best example in the recent time is the lie that these governments use with the Arab people in which they appear to support democracy but in fact they support the dictator governments. America, the UK, France, and the others support the dictators in the Arab world such as Egypt dictator, Saudi Arabia dictators, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, and all other dictators in the Arab countries. Even after the people rejects these dictators like the one happened in Tunisia and Egypt the West and America continue until last to support their poppets.

The Arabs should not trust the Western countries and America at all from now on and the West should take of their nose from the Arab world. On the other hand the American people and the Western people should review their thinking about their authorities who are not only deceiving the others but deceiving themselves too.

The behaviour of the Western countries is of no doubt against the Human rights always especially when it come to the Arab countries. Are the Human rights for them only or is it all over the world?

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