Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Who is Obama to agree or not to agree for Egypt?

The latest Obama statement and contact with Israel and some other poppets in the region indicates he is now bowing to what the Egyptian people need to change the American and Israel poppet Hoseni Mubarak. Obama (or America) and their poppets in the region were the most supporters for the oppression and the anti-human rights in the Arab countries.

Late Obama say what he wants to say because we do not trust them at all. They are the biggest liars. The most important thing for America is the security of Israel and not our people in Egypt and the other Arab people.

The fate of the Arab people including Egypt is in the hand of the Egyptians people. The involvement of America by this way indicates that the USA is the one which decided for the Arab dictators including Egypt. They are just their poppets.

What America done for the Palestinian people problems for the last tens of years but just deceptions, lie, and hypocrisy. Moreover Israel was killing the children and destroying everything while Hillary and Obama supporting it. They killed us and there will be a day that they will be judged first by the history which will put them in the black list of those whose hands stained with our children blood and the second by God who will have nothing but Fire-Hell for the transgressors.

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