Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

War against terrorism

The suicidal bombs in Jordan yesterday by the Jordanian Abomusaab Al-Zarqawi are just the beginning of many other attacks. The next attacks will be much tougher and only a matter of time. Jordan is still a target as well as others. In Iraq the attacks are happening daily and on variable and bigger scales.

It is so wrong to blame terrorism for one man or a group of people only. Terrorism requires a lot of elements. It needs people to carry out its effects, large amount of cash, armaments, equipments, logistic and brainpower support, media, and above all theoreticians among clergy men. These can not be provided by Binladen, Alzarqawi, or Alzawahri alone?

There are three countries connected to three elements of terrorism especially its promulgation in Iraq. Terrorism is born and incubated in Saudi Arabia. Then adopted by Syria and exported to kill inside Iraq while kept alive by the Jordanian Islamists who act as the energy and brain providers. However these roles are overlapping between these countries.

Jordanians were involved in killing many Iraqis by many suicidal attacks like (Albanna) who killed many innocent Iraqis in Al-Hilla few months ago and of course Abomusaab Zarqawi who enjoyed open support from many Jordanians about what he is doing in Iraq. Indeed when the Jordanian terrorist killed many Iraqis in Al-Hilla his tribe and friends celebrated with happiness. They did for him wedding ceremony! One of the Jordanian MPs who was asked yesterday by Alarabyiah TV, he condemned the hotel attacks and dreadfully on the same time supported the terrorist attacks in Iraq by saying that such attacks are different (justified) in countries under occupation! He means they are OK in Iraq and Israel! The Arab media including these three countries manipulate and lie about the facts in Iraq. They tell their people how victorious are the (Mujahdeen) against the infidels and their Iraqi supporters. They show the attacks against the restaurants, hotels, and other civilians in Iraq as heroic attacks against the infidels. It is a double standard which is also experienced by some of the Western media like the BBC, the CNN, the Sky News, the CBC and the others. None of these media mention the role of the theologies of the Wahabism in SA or Jordan.

The problem is that the principles of democracy and human rights became secondary to the interests of the super-powers, a theory which proved its errors clearly. In fact it is wrong to say that the three attacks in Jordan were against Jordanian targets. They are indeed against very well chosen American targets. This is another misleading point that the blind media closed one eye to either deliberately or in the rush.

Now the war against terrorism failed to prevent major attacks happened in many countries around the world and expected to inflect major and serious attacks in the same countries sooner or later and by the same graduates. The ongoing war against terrorism is like someone holding the tail of a monster. The solution is not a war on the mountains of Afghanistan where the tail is. It should be a war without losses or increments in the tax payers. It is a war against the dictator regimes like the one which happened in the East Europe which should happen in the Middle East. This will produce a state of equilibrium between the different factions in this region. The best example is the faction of Wahabism which dominate in Saudi Arbia and suppress the others in the region for long time should be balanced by others and there should be no absolute power for life in the hand of any one or family. This will prevent materialization of national dictators who support one faction against the others. Many regimes in the Arab area have been expired for long time since the end of the cold war yet they are still available for consumption which is toxic and deadly.

The war against terrorism should be directed correctly and the Arab world requires a change like East Europe in 1980-1990s. It is post-cold war status expired long time ago.

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