Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Jordan and the double standard about terrorism

The Jordanian authorities announced that there are no links between the terrorists who came from Ramadi in Iraq and the Jordanians. This is really looks like a shaggy dog story! How four terrorists can enter Jordan from Iraq by a small car with their explosives then they rent an accommodation and plan their operation successfully without any logistic help from inside Jordan?!

Indeed the explosive straps are more likely entered Jordan before the four and may be from different route or possibly prepared inside Jordan or brought from Syria. In Syria there are many supporting the terrorists so as in Jordan.

The Jordanian celebrated at several times the killing of the innocent Iraqis and the best example well known to the media is the wedding ceremony that the family of Raad Al-Banaa did after his suicidal operation in which he killed and wounded more than 100 Iraqis in Hilla. Some of the Jordanian who protested against the latest attacks in Amman shouted slogans calling for Al-Zarqawi to keep himself away from Amman however to perpetrate his (Jihad) in Iraq!!

Jordan is like Saudi Arabia adopts a double standard option about terrorism. They allow the terrorists to enter Iraq and their media supports them while their Mullahs produce statements considering what is happening in Iraq as Jihad against the American infidels and the crusaders. Syria even worse because it provide training and full support for the terrorists and opening itself for them to enter from anywhere and then sending them to Iraq with Syrian intelligent officers whose some of them captured in Iraq. On the other hand they fallaciously and hypocritically appeared critical of terrorism and trying to stop it.

The announcement of Jordan about the captured woman was indeed so quick which allowed enough time for those who are in Ramadi or other areas in Iraq to change their positions and information. The Jordanian authorities could have been behaved in different way by first giving false information that the woman was killed to use whatever information she may provide. The Iraqi government indeed needs to ask the Jordanian to hand that woman for a trail in Iraq especially that her brother was the mastermind who planned the killing of many figures and bombed many sites in Iraq including the bombs against the oil pipe-lines and the operation which killed Mr Al-Hakeem.

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