Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Ramzi Clark and Saddam

The fact that needs no trial at is that Saddam Hussein has committed genocides against the Iraqis and the neighbors of Iraq as well as many other people. In fact no need for a long trial for a very well known criminals like SH and his fellows.

For the Iraqis we know very well those who took our money and oil coupons from Saddam in return for a support for our oppressor and killer and the engineer of the mass graves and the Iraqi Holocaust. Any one who support Saddam is the enemy of the victims of the Iraqi dictator.

Ramzi Clark and the so called (Al-Niami) from Qatar with their support for Saddam are the enemy of the Iraqi people especially the victims of tyrant. Both of them are undesirable and not welcomed to be in Iraq.

The Judge should have prevented RC and Naimi from attending the trial for many reasons. One of the important reasons is that both of them are not registered as solicitors with the Solicitors Union of Iraq and RC may not even in his own country. The other good reason to prevent these enemies of the Iraqi people from attending the trial is that the trial is a national Iraqi one and not Qatari or American trial. The trial is a national one so as in the Iraqi language which is Arabic and no need at all to translate for RC. On the other hand RC used this to show a political position against his own government however money is still paid by Saddam's daughters.

Ramzi Clark and Al-Naimi were today in Iraq to support our killers and oppressors. They are not welcome here again and the families of the victims of Saddam are very infuriated and angry with them.

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