Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Massacre and Bloody Friday in Khanaqien

The war against the Shiites continued on all levels and by different means. Today it is in the city of Khanaqien where the terrorists killed more than 150 worshipers in two of the Shiite mosques in the city.

It is the Friday prayer in which hundred of people goes to the mosques for prayer. The two places were very ancient with old buildings. During the peak hours of the crowd inside two terrorists entered the mosques and exploded their belts in suicidal attacks. As the buildings are old the roof fall on the worshipers and killed them all instantly. Those who were injured or escaped were outside the place of the prayer doing their ablution or still outside. The wounded were transferred to other cities as the city hospital is so small with 40 beds capacity only.

In Baghdad there were two sucidal car bombs in Shiite residential area with much causality. Yestrdy the terrorists groups kidnapped one of the prominante Shiite politicians (Tawfiq Al-Yaseri) from his home in Baghdad.

The killing of the Shiites continued along the way to Baghdad on a daily basis by stopping the cars and taking its passengers. They mass rape each woman one by one. When a group of terrorists rape the woman one of them cut her head while the others restrain her body and they throw the body in the river or damp it. The men usually killed instantly or they took them and torture them before the execution or the beheadings. One of the people who wrote on his hand a tattoo (Ali) they cut his hand before they shot him. At one time there was a mute person with his family who was unable to talk they cut his tongue and left him to die. In another incident they killed the mother and left her newborn baby beside her who was found mutilated and bitten by wild dogs the next day. And more and more and more................................!

It is a trouble war which needs endless papers and books to describe its savage face yet some of the terrorist supporters defending the rights of these criminals who were captured by the Iraqi police but not the rights of the innocent people killed, raped, tortured and mutilated by them daily. Where is the conscience of the world which yesterday stands and showed few indicted or terrorists while today sees hundreds killed while worshiping peacefully and doing nothing. The world should stand with those who support the terrorists rather than about the rights of the terrorists or the indicted. This is the same story raised by the same groups about Guantanamo.

God bless those who were killed today in Khanaqien and deep condolences and support to their families.

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