Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The latest crime

This is the latest crimes of the terrorists in Iraq. This baby is 20 days old killed two days ago with all members of his Shiite family who were traveling to visit their relatives in Diyala for the Eid occasion. At least 4 masked cowards; cockroaches emerged from the filth of Al-Qaeda and gunned the family who were inside their minibus. One of them is this 20 days old baby who shot dead directly in his head from the back spraying his brain out.

This baby as appeared raising his hand as if protesting against those who supported his killing among the dictator regimes in the region, the incubators of terrorism like the wahabim, the regional government which support the terrorists, the countries which provide access and support for the terrorists, the media which join them in their propaganda, and the Iraqis who provide safe heaven for the terrorists or support them by any way.

It is shame and disgrace on all of them wherever they are.

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