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Bill Clinton was wrong and still so

I received an email from Donna P. asking the following question:


It's just been reported that ex US president Clinton, has said that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake.

I was wondering if you'd care to share your views on that statement on your blog. If you could talk to Bill Clinton, what would you have to say about his statement?

Thanks for your blog, by the way.

Thank you,
Donna P.

During the time of Bill Clinton presidency the following happened:

1. Talaban became very strong and Al-Qaeda finalized its attacks against in NY in 11/9/2001

2. Saddam became more strong and built hundred of palaces and tried to stock WMD while one million Iraqis most of them children have been killed by the UN sanction. When asked BC foreign Secretary of State stated it is worth it killing the Iraqi children

3. He attacked Iraq and killed many innocent Iraqis to cover Monica Lewinsky scandal

4. The oil for food scandals were happening under BC time by the UN personnel

The world without Saddam is not only better place for the Iraqis but for the whole world. Those who are fighting the changes towards democracy in Iraq are Al-Qaeda terrorists and the other extremists and their supporters in Syria. BC is no different from them. BC certainly failed to remove Saddam and failed to prevent the terrorists but was successful in killing more Iraqis by his rockets and by Saddam hands. BC is a supporter of the dictator regimes in the Middle East indeed.

Lastly toppling Saddam regime by force was better for the whole world but not for the terrorists or their supporters and not for those who stands with the dictator regimes that kills its own people. However the mistakes happened afterward by allowing the terrorists to establish themselves in Iraq from Saudi Arabia and Syria.

We believe that the terrorist roots are in the doctrine of hate (the wahabism) and this is should be taken seriously. Democracy in the Arab region is the best solution to balance all the factions so as none will dominate on the wealth of the oil and use it to facilitate its own cause like what happened in Saudi Arabia which used huge amount of money to help to spread the doctrine of wahabism all over the world. BC was a big supporter for that and still doing so.

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