Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Where is Syria heading for?

At the beginning of the Syrian revolution more than a year ago we advised the Syrian president Bashar Al-Asad to quit and allow the Syrian people to choose their leaders by democratic ways.  Instead the Syrian regime used some force initially to suppress what it was internal issue.  With time the matter in Syria went out of control and became not only a military conflict but an outside involvement of many regional and international states.  It became a real fighting between not only two factions namely the government and the fighters but the issue became struggle for power of who will win first?!

Syria therefore entered into a dark tunnel of an unknown direction and until now there is no light at the end of that tunnel.  The fighter and the Syrian oppositions in exile are not untied and they are not under a united leadership.  This is very important for any revolution to succeed.  On the other hand there are some factions among the Syrian fighters who may have hidden agenda from each other but the most important matter that none of them had a clear vision for the post Bashar era after the regime fall.  This is very dangerous point as it may lead Syria to go into a civil war and disintegrations which is of no interest to any of the regional countries.   

The problem in Syria seems to be far from any kind of agreement neither of any kind of military resoluteness.  However the best solution to avoid any kind of deterioration towards serious consequences is to put the arms down and bring a dialogue between all the factions towards real and free election ultimately.  This option seems to be far from reach now but not so difficult if the will of all factions agreed.

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