Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The new technology may become catastrophic
Not to talk about the advantages and the disadvantages of the new techs which gave the people too many things and rob out too many things?  The point of this article is about how the new tech made the people under control not only from the technology itself but form the different authorities to control the people. 
There is no much need for the old fashion 007 spy techs to follow or control others; the control is now much easier.  Anyone can be easily located and his/her life monitored from the mobile phones, the car navigation systems, the use of the bank cards, the widespread use of different types of cameras everywhere, the internet, shopping by cards, and so no and so forth. 
Telephones are not only can be easily monitored but can be used to spy on the people even when they close their phones by easily activating the microphone inside them.  With more advancement of technology the people will find themselves dummies in the hands of those who control them.  Not only that but it create a competition between who will control who among these authorities.  This will make no privacy what so ever for anyone in this planet.  If you have a mobile phone the others might using it to intrude your private life at your home and listen to your family or friend conversations!
One of the catastrophic events which may happen due to the full dependency of man on the technology without taking alternative measures is if the earth hit by a strong sun storm.   This may lead to complete damage of all the satellite systems, the electrical supplies and other systems.  Everything nowadays dependent on these and if damaged completely there will be no functioning hospitals, airports, communications, banks, food supplies, transports, etc.  Then imagine what will happen.  The people need to have alternative systems when such catastrophes happen.  So; depend fully on technology and laugh at this article then blame no one if you are going to be taken by surprise but yourselves!
There should be an international law to prevent using the new technologies for the purpose of controlling the people and intruding their private life.

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