Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The corruption of the Iraqi politicians
Since the American invasion of Iraq and what followed that from Iraqi government the corruptions became like a cancer invading the body of all the system of the Iraqi government.    It spread from the top to the bottom and happened openly to the point that the top authorities in the government making excuses about corruptions without investigations.  Bribes and similar things became the norms while large bribes reached into the international level not to mention the large amount of money spent for the protection and luxury of the top politicians and government.  Commissions paid for bad standard imports including arms are widespread. 

Since 2003 the Iraqi authorities covered too many issues and scandals related to corruptions including stealing banks, escaping with large amount of money to outside Iraq, oil smuggling, etc without question.    

The corruption which happened including stealing the banks, importing spoiled equipment, false companies, spending large amount of money for non-existed issues, top authorities stealing and escaping, and many others; becoming widespread.  The absence of the real power of the people to observe the government action facilitated the corruptions.  This is because the Parliament is nothing but only serving the interests of its own members and their sectarian and ethnic parties and not the national issues.    

The latest corruption was about hundreds of millions of dollars that was requested for commission about spoiled arms from Russia to Iraq!  The issue was leaked suddenly before the final agreement between Iraq and Russia from the Russian side after two teams competing for the commission!  The second team among the Iraqi negotiators about the deal requested 10% commission and to their surprise the Russia told them that their fellow team asked for 5%!  It is another scandal involving millions of dollars of money and treason about the national security of Iraq.   Any other country will immediately open a transparent investigation and inform its own people about the truth.  In any other country this will lead to either the fall of the government or the tops among the corrupts.  In Iraq and until now they want to pass it unnoticed and how knows they may ask for commission of 20% next time when they do repeat the same arms deal.  This time they may do it from the USA and they know how to pass it.  Who knows may be the USA was a major player in these issues or at least some of them.

The existed Iraqi politicians both in the opposition and the government including the members of parliament are all corrupts.  The Iraqis should up rise against them and should have new blood in the government and parliament honest with observatory authorities among the people for its new building. 

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