Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Mohammad is a prophet for all mankind
Prophet Mohammad (Peace be up on him) is the last prophet who came with the message of Islam.  He brought the moral values of Islam which are suitable for all people in all times.  The moral values of Islam include all the aspects of life from the person to the wide universe.  Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) received the Holy Quran which is the words of Allah and the most positive book which tells about the past, the present and the future.  In the Holy Quran mentioned some scientific facts which were only recently discovered such as about the spherical shape of the earth, the stages of embryology, the structures of the mountains, the cosmic path of the stars and planets, the atom, and many other facts about the human being and the others. 
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the greatest man and messenger until the Day of Judgment.  All the previous prophets gave glad tiding about his time and called the people to follow him and his message in Islam.  Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has the highest values of moral characters engraved in him by Allah.  He was known as the faithful and the trustee even before the declaration of his message.   Allah protected prophet Mohammad (PBUH) from all kinds of sins and mistakes since he was a child. 
Mohammad as a name means the praised one.  It is derived from one of the Allah names The Praised one.  One of the prophets who prayed by using the name of Prophet Mohammad (the praised one) was Prophet David.  Moses and Jesus promised about the forthcoming of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).  In the bible such as (Deuteronomy chapter 18 versus 18) there was clear prophecy given by God about the coming of prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
Adam, Noah, Ibraham, David, Solieman, Isac, Jacob, Jesus, Joana, and all the other prophets they called the people to follow Prophet Mohammad in Islam after his time.  There is no excuse after the coming of Prophet Mohammad for any one not to follow Islam especially in this era where there is easy access to the information for everyone. 
May Allah accept the mediation and intercession of Prophet Mohammad and Ehaloalbiet (his chosen family by Allah) about us on the Day where there is nothing but either Fire Hell or Paradise? 
Have you felt the heat of the fire?  It is therefore your choice between the Fire Hell and the Paradise?  Select for yourself?!

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