Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Allah is the creator of this universe and what are beyond it.  Allah is the lord of the world of what we know and what we do not know.  He is the eternal and the only one God and no other gods than Him.  Praised be the names of Allah and all His beauty and characters.  He has nothing like Him and He got none belong to Him but everything is His creations. 
Allah got no limits in place neither in time and He never gets tired or sleeps.   The most miracle thing that Allah did is that He makes Himself non-obvious to His creatures because if He made them to see Him or feel His presence by any mean they will die.  Allah is able to make the people to feel His existed power or to have a sense of His presence they then will remain shocked and in a worshiping status all their lives from His greatness.

Allah exists in his creations of everything.  He is the one who created the tiny atom in all its complicated structure and physics.  He is the one who created the largest galaxies and stars and made them in perfection.  He is the one who made the Earth very suitable for life of all kinds and in all aspects from air to atmosphere to millions and millions of factors.  Allah is the one who gave you complicated brain in which you see, smell, hear, talk, communicate, feel, and the other complicated body systems with perfection.  Have you seen a complicated and flexible tool like your hands and how they function with the rest of the body?  It is Allah who gave you all of that.

Ask Allah and pray to Him and He will listen to you and give you what you want.  If He delays His answer; He will give you later but make sure you will worship Him and this is why He created His creatures including us.  Worshiping Allah not only to pray and fast but to be good toward yourself, your family, your society, your neighbours, and to believe in the Day of Judgment and the messengers of Allah from Adam to Prophet Mohammad (peace be up on them all).  There is no better than worshiping Allah in Islam which is the religion of all prophets before including Jesus, Moses, Noah, Ibrahem, Isac, Job, Jacob, Soliyaman, Daowad and the others. 
Allah is the most gracious and the most merciful and in His name we worship Him and by His help we maintain our worships and prayer to Him.  Come to Allah in Islam and read His own words which are reserved since 1400 years in the Holy Quran.  Read it as it is the most positive book in the world until the Day of Judgment.

Oh God (Allah) bear witness that I conveyed!

اللهم اشهد اني بلغت

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