Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Israeli war in Gaza is nothing but terrorism against children

Until now the terrorist war lunched by Israel supported by America and other Western Countries resulted in more than 4000 innocent people killed and wounded in Gaza. At least one third of those killed and wounded are Children and women. The rest are ordinary civilian who were hiding inside their homes or inside schools since the beginning of the terrorist and barbaric war on them. In its dirty and terrorist war (Israel) used forbidden weapons such as phosphoric missiles. Some weapons used produce smoke which affect the breathing system.

This war is nothing but state terrorism supported by the USA and Western governments against ordinary people and not a balanced war between two armies or at least between an army and militant groups. This is not a war against Hamas group but it is against all civilians in Gaza including children and women and old. It is therefore not a war in real terms but attacks terrorizing children and ordinary people, therefore, the least to say about it is that it is terrorism in its highest terms.

Some of the Western government and media told that it is a defense war to protect the security of (Israel) which is a lie and not the truth. The security of (Israel) is not by indiscriminate killing of children and women and destroying every thing. In fact this is against creating security for itself because there is no security for those who transgress and those who kill and when the day comes they will realize that.

In fact the (Israeli) soldiers are brain washed by their Talmud that they are not killing human beings but animals.

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