Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Israeli Terrorism against the civilians in Gaza continued

For more than 16 days and nights (Israel) Zionist army continued to wage barbaric war from land, sea and air killing children, women and normal civilians in Gaza. This state terrorism is clearly supported by America, Britain and the West. The hands and faces of those who waged and supported this evil war are bathed by the blood of the children. The souls of these children will hunt the killers forever.

The killers will enter the history from its black, shameful and evil doors. They will be punished when their days are over and the history will witness this. However the punishment of the Day of Judgment by God will be so sever so that they wish that they remained dust and never created to see such excruciation in the Hellfire. The time between each one and that day is equal to what every person lives. He or she then die and enter the timeless zone in his/her soul. When God resurrected the body and send its soul back the person will wake to find himself or herself in front of God as if he/she slept for few hours. Those who killed the children will wake up with blood in their hands and faces. Then the Souls of the victims will come to request justice. The killers will not be able to speak but their hands, their legs, their eyes, their ears and their skin will speak against them. They will get surprised how these parts started to speak. These parts will answer to say it is God who created us make us to witness against you. The killers will then lead by tough angles to the Fire hell in its deepest level to dwell forever.

On the Day that the enemies of Allah will be gathered together to the Fire, they will be marched in ranks. At length, when they reach the (Fire), their hearing, their sight, and their skins will bear witness against them, as to (all) their deeds. They will say to their skins: Why bear ye witness against us? They will say: (Allah) hath given us speech, (He) Who giveth speech to everything: He created you for the first time, and unto Him were ye to return. Ye did not seek to hide yourselves, lest your hearing, your sight, and your skins should bear witness against you! But ye did think that Allah knew not many of the things that ye used to do! But this thought of yours which ye did entertain concerning your Lord, hath brought you to destruction, and (now) have ye become of those utterly lost! If, then, they have patience, the Fire will be a home for them! and if they beg to be received into favour, into favour will they not (then) be received. (The Holy Quran: 41: 19 – 29).

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