Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Barak Hussein Obama statement about the Muslims world and Iraq

The new USA president is not only new number 44 president but the first one from an African origin and from a Muslim background. BHO is definitely not George W Bush and he will not be so. His history speaks for such differences and we in the Muslims world will monitor this. BHO will face very big burden inherited from GWB especially in the relations with the Muslim world in addition to the burden inside the USA and on the top of that is the declining economy which may lead to the decline of America in the near or far future.

Of course BHO will face organizations that like to keep the wars, conflicts and bad relations especially with Muslims world as it is now if not worse. However the USA president can if he uses his power and wisdom change things towards the best especially in relation of rectifying the relation with the Muslim World. One of the most big challenge and important issue is to put an end to the Palestinians-Israeli conflict. Peace in the Middle East and in the other parts of the world will certainly reflect positively on the world economy and prosperity apart from arm sales companies.

In Iraq BHO got a very good opportunity to build over the existed improvement in the security issue and to encourage reconstructions which was a very bad point since 2003 war. The equation in Iraq then can be changed from occupied and occupiers into mutual respect and mutual interests which will be better for both sides. Rebuilding of the country will certainly offer a better opportunity for better relations and for the American companies to be involved in the big reconstruction works that many sectors in Iraq desperately needing it. This will improve the issues for both sides and for the long time to come.

The Iraqis do not like to see the occupation continued however they like to see a good relation based on mutual interests and respect continued with the USA in addition to building their democracy, freedom and constitutions in a united Iraq. From there BHO got a good opportunity to work.

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