Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Israel attacks on Gaza is a genocide that is failed

There is no need to prove the genocide nature of the Israeli attacks on Gaza. Only a look for the news to see the number of children and civilians killed and the destruction made indiscriminately from such attacks to realize the nature of such genocide. This war remind us about Israeli attacks not only 2 years ago on Lebanon but since the last 50 years. However the similarities between the last Lebanon war and this one is that several Israeli cities became under the fire of the rockets which produce an equation based on lack of safety in all the cities were the rockets may reach. The big question is what will happen if both Lebanon and Gaza rockets reached on the same time the Israeli cities? It may paralyses the life and certainly it will make the whole Israel unsafe.

There is no doubt that each war based on superficial calculation of being the superior in force will be a loser. This is exactly what happened in the last war with Hizbuallah and now with Gaza. This became very clear from the change in the nature of statements of the Israeli government in the last 24 hours when the Hamas rockets reached its far cities.

It is very strange how Israel want to live in peace yet killing the Arabs and Muslims all around its borders? This will not be forgotten easily for many years to come.

Simply Israel is creating an atmosphere where it is surrounded by enemies created by its own attacks and false peace with them. This will be sooner or later reflected on itself.

We believe the only way that may resolve the whole problems is to solve the Israeli Palestinian issue with two neighbor peaceful states. This then will reduce the tension not only in the region but in the whole Middle East and the world.

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