Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq is burning under the America-British occupation

Five years since the barbaric war lead by the USA on Iraq and the country is descending down into a civil war. It is not a war in Basrah city only which is occupied by the British troops but in all Iraq especially in the south and Baghdad at this time.

This war for the last few days is in fact between warlords from different factions including the puppets of America and the puppets of Iran. Therefore it is a war between Iran and America. The losers are always the ordinary Iraqi people who have nothing to do with it but the warlords are forcing them into it as usual in any civil war.

Not only are the official occupiers responsible but the undercover occupation by the Iranian regime and of course the other well known terrorists. Iran of no doubt is playing a nasty role in it which increased since the last shown-of visit of the Iranian president to Baghdad to meet with his puppets such as Abdulaziz Alhakem and so on. No doubts that in the new blood bathed under occupations Iraq there are puppets who work as double-puppets. Alhakem and his group is one of those double puppets for Iran and America. Others such as Muqtada Alsader work from Iran now and so it is self-explanatory. Muqtada Alsader militias are full of gangs, and previous regime security men as well as thefts of oil and other things. He knew this but unable to do anything about it or may be he enjoyed having them for his own agenda.

The British presence in Basrah where most of the Iranian agents flourished proved its failure or may be intentionally done so as part of the British Imperialistic agenda divide and role.

There are no doubts that George W Bush bloody war in Iraq has failed and it will bring more instability not only to Iraq but to the whole region and the near future will tell a lot about it. The future will also reveal the secret for which this war is going on and about the puppets in Baghdad. On the other hand the number of the American soldiers killed so far exceeded 4000 now in spite of all measures taken to reduce it. This is only the official figures and it may be even double especially taking the account of wounded and psychiatrically wounded.

In fact what looks like a civil war in Iraq now is nothing but a war between Iran and America and it seems that the Iranians are wining. The question is this going to lead the USA to use its military machine in the region to ease the pressure and direct its attacks to inside Iran especially before the GWB era finished? There are certain clues pointing toward that direction. It seems that the plan is ready and a war between Iran and the USA may happen at any time. So; is what is going on now inside Iraq is a step towards that war?

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