Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The bloody US war on Iraq failed

George W Bush in the 5th year of the barbaric war on Iraq said that the war achieved victory on terrorism. This is simply lie as he did lie right from the beginning of the war when he said that the war is because of weapons of mass destructions that Saddam Hussein keeps. GWB shared that lie with the next war criminal Tony Blair.

On the same time while GWB telling his delude Osama Bin Laden new tape was broadcasting from Al-Jazeera TV. This is of course not coincidental because UBL was made by the USA and he would like to give GWB the excuse of the war as when he shared him the events in the 11/9/2001. Indeed many American analysts and experts raised a lot of doubts about the 11/9 bombings and they disputed the allegations that it was caused merely by UBL groups. How could a big plot like this pass on the US security measures and why no investigations have been carried out about it?!

The war criminals such as GWB, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Ramsfield and his Generals, and all those who shared the war in Iraq until now are liars and big criminals. They know this fact very well however the only thing that they do not know well is the suffering that they put the Iraqis in unless they live under the same circumstances. We know by certain that if they escape the suffering during this life they will be among those who will dwell in the deepest layer of Hell and the history will ultimately curse them and throw them in the black list of war criminals.

GWB and his alike not telling their people the truth about Iraq and his soldiers and generals inside Iraq they know the facts but the top generals of them lie as well. They know the severity of the situations that they put this country on. They now how many children they killed and what kind of destruction they did over the last 5 years of GWB war on the innocent Iraqi people and not on the terrorism or on UBL who is not in Iraq. In fact UBL big companies exist in the US friendly country the Saudi Arabia.

Let GWB ask his soldiers about their destroyed morals. They come to Iraq and struggle to remain alive so as to count days to go back home. The American soldiers after GWB war in Iraq are in their worst states. The more they stay here in Iraq the more they will get demoralized and weak especially with more losses. Indeed the Americas destroyed Iraq and rendered the country so weak that just few terrorists can control its security in many areas and America has lied and kept Iraq under extremely bad services and lack of every thing. Second the US behaved until now as an occupying imperialistic and arrogant force and even it kept Iraq under chapter 7 of the UN charter. Iraq war is nothing but just destroyed Iraq since 2003 and it is on going without any achievement to leave this country in peace and to leave his people to rebuild their country in peace.



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