Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqi government is a failure that should leave

Day after day and month after month and after more than 2 years of its start the government of Mr. Nori Al-Maliki and Al-Hakeem Coalition has proved its complete failure.

Irrespective of the American occupation and its failure to achieve stability in the country Al-Maliki government proved its failure and weakness. Not only that but many Iraqis are now raising great doubts that this government is indeed intentionally making a lot of problems and doing nothings to solve the complicated problems of the country.

Al-Maliki government and its main coalition is simply a failure. Most if not all the ministers are corrupted not to mention those who are working under them. The ministry of Interior and Defence have both failed to provide security and their officials who talk about Baghdad security plan for the last 13 months have mislead the people and that add to their corruption.

The ministry of Oil is the most corrupted one and its Po-Iranian Hussein Al-Shihristani (Iranian origin) will be at some stage held responsible for so many corruptions and mistakes as well as problems in this country. He is not suitable at all to be an oil minister but only for his own agenda.

The ministry of Health can only be described as useless and completely corrupted. The same in variable degrees applies on all other sectors and ministries.

The latest surge of violence and the killing of Mr. Raho the archbishop of the Kildan Christians and the lack of any enthusiasm and plan to liberate the areas from the terrorism is another nail in the coffin of the present government. The question is when is going to be the last nail of this coffin and who is going to nail it?

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