Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

America and its tails leading an open war against Islam and Muslims

The above title needs no much effort to prove it because the events which are going on for so many years and all over the world leaving no doubts about this.

The war against Islam and Muslims entered a new phase of direct confrontation from America and the Western countries. Al-Qaeda was initially a puppet created by the USA itself and turned against it with time, however, it became as an excuse used by the USA to wage its war against Muslim countries and Islam. The best examples for the American war against Islam are its war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and its interferences negatively against many other Islamic countries.

In Iraq though the American direct genocide started in 1991 when the war-criminal George W Bush waged its war against Iraq the actual interferences were started many years before that and since the Iran Iraq war when the USA and the West supported that war. Indeed the American genocide is another kind of major Terrorism. Not to forget the genocide of the UN sanction which was lead by the USA which killed at least one million Iraqi children.

The imperialistic occupation of the first imperialisms used to come under the name of liberation such as what happened when the British Colonialism occupied the Islamic countries including Iraq. Under the same placard the USA occupied Iraq in 2003. Its war still going on by which the USA suffered and suffering many losses and on the top of these losses is the hatred of the people all over the Islamic and even non-Islamic world against the US and its tails.

The other face of war against Islam is the western media. These media is another tool which are full of lies and false propaganda against Islam.

The Muslims all over the world should know that the USA is waging an open and continuing war against Islam not only in Iraq and Afghanistan but everywhere else including inside its own Muslims people.

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