Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Another Bloody day in Iraq

Hundreds of innocent Iraqi people have been killed today in different attacks including one suicidal attack in the Holy city of Kerbala in which more than 100 killed and wounded.

This is happening while the war criminals such as Dick Cheney are meeting their puppets in the Green Zone. These meetings are nothing but propaganda for the next American election.

End the barbaric war in Iraq

The USA barbaric war which is entering its 6th year should come to an end before more innocent Iraqis killed and more destruction of this country.

Dick Cheney after John McCain is in secret visits to Iraq indicating their continuation of the war against the innocent civilians of this country. America and its allies such as the UK killed until now millions of Iraqis since the first Gulf war in 1991 by the war criminal George W Bush the father.

The war in 2003 lead by the war criminals George W Bush the son and Tony Blair of Britain started with lies and continued by misleads both to the Iraqi people and to their own people.

This war is going on until now. It killed and wounded and forced the Iraqis to leave their country in millions. It rendered Iraq into a state of death and misery and diseases and most dangerous place on earth for every one. It converted Iraq to worse than at the time of Saddam Hussein and made hundred of thousands of the people immigrant inside their own country and millions outside. It created thousands of Saddam Like dictators who live in the Saddam Palaces and in the offices of the Green Zone while their militias and parties invoking corruption all over the country and in all aspects of life.

America on the other hand preventing any kind of progress in the arm or security forces of Iraq and its own forces behave in the most arrogant, slaving and imperialistic way. They themselves encouraging the terrorism to evolve in Iraq while making hypocritical comments about that they are against it. They also do not care about their soldiers from whom the number of killed reached 4000 and more wounded and not to mention the numbers who return home with psychological diseases.

Every one can see that we are just mentioning here one drop of an ocean of facts about this barbaric war and its impact on the Iraqis. The best prove for this are the facts and that we initially supported the depositing of the previous dictator regime however the last 6 years showed us the ugly face and the reality of the invaders who do not like to see Iraq as a settled country and to rebuild itself. It is therefore not surprised to see that Iraq is still under chapter 7 of the UN charter. This means that it is a country that is dangerous for its neighbours and force may use against it at any time. Under this and its order 669 by the UN in 1991 the war criminals started their war against Iraq and destroyed it. This is still going on and under the same thing the same war criminals killing our own people.

Enough lies and hypocrisy by the USA

Stop the war against the innocent people of Iraq and stop destroying their country

Pull your troops out of our country and table it right from today

Pull the British invading troops from Basrah

Stop more blood shed in Iraq

Stop killing us

Stop killing our children

Allow us to rebuild our own country with peace

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