Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

End the occupation of Iraq

America and its humiliated and transgressed tails should end their occupation of Iraq now.

The only thing Iraq achieved from the US George W Bush war was destruction and terrorism and lies. Nothing else and the US GWB only tell his people lies and lies and only lies.

We were among those who supported the toppling of the previous regime but day by day Iraq is getting worse and worse. It is now the most dangerous place in the world but not before the war of GWB.

There is no way for GWB in Iraq but to pull his soldiers and go away and leave Iraq to sort itself. If GWB is able to go to get UBL let him go but he knew that he can NOT. UBL had no place in Iraq before the war in 2003 and the Iraqis will get him out without the need for GWB psychologically and emotionally broken soldiers.

If America stayed in Iraq it will be the end for them and so soon.

The solution for America is to get out of Iraq and end its occupation or we will see more US soldiers killed and more destruction to Iraq.

America pushed the Iraqis into the level less than the line of poverty however not yet all of those Iraqis not joined the resistance. If the situation continued America will not blame but itself though their politicians not caring even about their soldiers lives and telling lies to their people.

END THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ SOON AND PULL YOUR TROOPS and no need for more deceiving reports.

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