Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq is one and no one can divided it

The number of the American soldiers killed in Iraq is exceeding 3,800 which is only the declared figures however only God knows the real figure. On the same time the British troops are escaping outside Basrah with humiliation and the worse will come during the final run away soon.

The Iraqis in general would like to see the occupiers going back home leaving Iraq to the Iraqis and not those who would like to remain puppets for the Americans.

All the Iraqis are resisting the occupiers because they are the cause of all of our troubles and suffering before the invasion and now.

It is not up to the others like the American Congress to decide about the fate of Iraq or to vote to divide it into states. The division is nothing but one of the ugly outcomes of the war and the imperialist occupiers of the 21 century.

Only the Iraqis will decide for themselves and they got history going back to more than 6000 years as one state. Death to those who got ill intention to divide Iraq.

Iraq is one and dividing it is a red line neither America nor any one else should cross it.

America should withdraw its troops soon before she require more coffins for its soldiers there.

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