Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Help the Iraqi Doctors in Amman

As a result of the American/British occupation of Iraq and the preceding destruction of America and its tails since 1979 of this country and its population; millions of Iraqis deserted their home land. Among those who fled for their life not to be killed by the terrorists groups and/or the occupied forces are thousands of scientists, intellectuals and doctors.

Below is an email that we received from a group of these young doctors who are exploited by the private health sector in Jordan without salaries or help.

The email:

Dear Sir/Madam:-

With the increasing instability in the security, humanitarian and basic services crises in Iraq, and the overwhelming misery of the Iraqi refugees abroad; Countries, governments and societies all around the world are closely watching the largest mass fled in the history, willing with thoughtful minds and caring hearts to provide any help, looking for an honest guide and a reliable advisor.

We, in the following paragraphs, will try to put you in the big picture for a real anguish of an important component of any developed society, the Iraqi physicians in Jordan which continuously suffered of injustice and extortion that made life impossible in their home country and forced them to leave serving their own people after becoming easy and favorable targets for the blind death and organized crime.

In the countries they fled to, physicians start facing a new type of unfairness and had to deal with a bitter reality that affected every category of physicians (Specialists, residents and interns).. We won't write much about the living and work circumstances of each one, as this would require long pages- especially when anyone knows that the size of this component reaches 5000 doctors in Jordan alone!!

We will only try to describe you the suffering of one category of the Iraqi physicians which is the resident doctors who are enrolled in post graduate medical training in order to get a degree in almost all specialties in the educational accredited hospitals in Amman - especially in the private sector.

Theses doctors, after they were fully-paid for their services and training in Iraq, now are working and promoting excellence in their jobs without getting any salary!! They're known as "unpaid physicians", adding to that some of them are paying educational fees to the institutes they're working for reaching 2000-4000$ a year.

All this is to get a proper training and degree (Board Certification) similar to what the Jordanian physicians get with a descent salary.

The board certification and training is way different from getting a Bachelor, Masters or Ph.D. degree; The former is a professional degree that requires from its candidate to be in full commitment to work duties and on-call schedules with direct responsibilities on patient care beside year long tests and evaluations, while the later degrees are academic ones which requires attendance and good studying in a full or part-time curriculum.

The work laws here in Jordan only allows citizens to get salaries and that made foreign doctors like the Yemenis, Sudanese, Palestinians and others to contact their diplomatic commissions and non-profit organizations to provide a fixed financial aid through their training years which at least lasts 4 years, and that's what they are receiving now as a part of the cultural and humanitarian aids.

The Iraqi residents in the hospitals and the educational institutions in Jordan, especially in the Islamic hospital, were they reach over 15 doctors, are hoping that the humanitarian and cultural organizations can give their hands to help them in their current condition and ease their suffering. And to embrace their skills and talents, so they can compensate for the greater lose of Iraq in it's scientific capabilities and the deepest misery in it's health system and the lose of it's best physicians who are witnessed for their premium health care in the middle east and the world.
Finally, we would like you to pay more of your kind attention to this important component in any developed society. We are in advance thankful for your help.
With our best regards,

A group of resident doctors,
Amman, Sept. 2007

End of the email.

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