Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Black Water and other mercenary organization are terrorists

In its contract with the American administration the ill-reputed Black Water can not be held for its crimes in Iraq including stealing, killing, assassinations and supplying arms to the terrorists organization.

BW is one of many other mercenary state-terrorist groups which flourish and exist in Iraq only when the Iraqi security is unstable and weak. The aim of these mercenaries is to get money and without the lack of security they can not work or in other word no one will need them at least in such a scale in Iraq. They therefore play a major role in destabilizing the security in Iraq so as they can exist.

BW and other similar organization in Iraq are accused of supplying weapons and information to the terrorists. They are involved in other crimes such as killing of the Iraqi intellectuals and intimidating others. They are also involved in stealing or helping other gangs to do so.

The reckless and criminal behavior of these groups make the Iraqis to hate them the most and one of the best example for that hate is the incident which happened in Falloja, 2 years ago when the people there killed and hanged the bodies of the BW members after their reckless intimidation to the people there. The behavior of such organization will result in killing of more American soldiers in addition to members of these groups.

If the Iraq government is not going to arrange with the occupiers to pull these mercenaries then no one will blame the Iraqis if they take the revenge in their hands from these mercenaries in the way that they understand it which may go even beyond to those to whom they offer protection.

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