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Crocker and Petraaeus report is far from telling any truth

The new American report presented by General David H. Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker addressed little about the facts of Iraq the Iraqis on the ground. The report represent by large the view of the US generals and politicians however the improvements that they pointed out to in the security in some parts of Iraq are in actual fact not true. In most of these parts the life of the residents was converted into prisoners in their areas. In addition to that these areas are lacking the most basic facilities needed for life such as electricity, water, health, transports and others.

Both men failed to say that even in what is considered as the more stable areas there is no person is able to go out after the 7 PM without risking his life. The best example which happened after the report is the assassination of Sheikh Abd-Alstar Abo-Reshah in Anbar city just outside his home. The priceless deaths and killing never stopped in Iraq and this including the American/British forces killing the innocent Iraqis and destroying their structures.

Iraq after the invasion in 2003 became the most dangerous place and more half of its population rendered jobless while most of them became under the line of poverty. Diseases such as Cholera are killing hundreds of them. If a patient needing an operation he or she has to provide all the necessary medications including the drugs used for anesthesia to the hospital! There is no such thing even in the poorest areas of the world. Since the invasion more than 3 millions Iraqis left the country and hundred of thousands migrating each year just to stay alive from death, diseases, assassinations, and others.

Crocker and Petraaeus report representing a drop in the ocean of the problems of Iraq. Even more this drop is not telling the truth. In fact no one can tell the truth of the American destruction of Iraq since GWB the father war for Kuwait in 1991 then Bill Clinton frequent attacks during the inhumane blockade which killed 1.5 million Iraqis, preceded by their support for Saddam war with Iran from 1979-1988 and lastly the existed bloody occupation.

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