Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Massacres of the Iraqi Doctors

Since the American-British occupation of Iraq in 2003 until now hundreds of Iraqi doctors have been killed by kidnapping, assassinations, torturing, and many other methods directed towards them individually. Some doctors have been disappeared in the occupation or militias prisons. It is not known who are responsible for these massacres. However the safety of this important section of the society is the responsibility of the Iraqi government, the occupied forces and the security forces of Iraq.

Senior doctors who spent their life in practice of their specialties such as surgery, medicine and university teaching were killed in front of their clinics, in their way to work, in their hospitals or any where else. Most of them were killed in Baghdad, Basrah, Mosel as well as other parts of Iraq.

The latest assassination of the Iraqi doctors happened yesterday when the Iraqi police discovered the body of one of the most famous surgeons in Basrah Dr Zeki Al-Fadagh thrown down in the street. The body shows bullets in the head indicated that Dr Zeki was killed by his abductors before thrown away. It was reported that he was taken from his home around 2 AM by gun men a day before his body was found later. He was one of the most active surgeons in Basrah both in the Medical school and contributed for many researches in the field of surgery, liver diseases and teaching.
Hundreds of other doctors, health professionals, and university lecturers were murdered since the barbaric war of George W Bush and Tony Blair. In this article one may see the variations of those who were killed from all specialties and society. In the same article it is clearly shown that the number of assassinations increased steadily since the start of the barbaric war in 2003.
It is not known who stand behind the murders and there are no links to the ethnic or religious or political factors as these intellectuals are from all sects of society and not related to any specific political group. However most of them are among those who oppose the US-British occupation of Iraq. There are no investigations of who is doing these acts against the Iraqi intellectuals. The Iraqi government is so weak to do so or even they are puppets of the American occupation. Many independents have said that there are regional and international agencies behind this such as Israel and Iran.

This article tells about the story of Dr. Mayah murder, a 53-year-old political scientist and human rights advocate.

Many other articles have been written however the magnitude of problem needs a lot of work to discover the actual size of the problem.

There is no doubt that the occupation and war play the major role in destroying Iraq and its intellectual structure and this occupation should end or ended.

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