Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Americans are behind the weakness of Iraq army

Looking retrospectively to the decision of Paul Bremer the American governor of Iraq after the US-British invasion 2003; it is very clear that the decision was intentionally to create weak Iraqi forces. The reason is to keep the security issue in the hand of the occupied forces and because these forces not trusting the Iraqi army.

After 4 years and millions of dollars were spent to arm and train the new army yet the outcome is so disappointing. In fact the USA got no intention to train and create a strong Iraqi army at all. It is the reverse and there are many causes for that.

Again the USA is creating another mistake because strong Iraqi army is so essential to balance the nuclear power Iran. Once America is out of Iraq which will happen soon Iran will take over and the consequences are very well known to the Americans before any one else.

Iraq should have strong army to defend itself from inside and outside and so as the American forces can go home otherwise they will stay to suffer more and more losses. The summer will be a hell for them in Iraq and this will prove the lies of GWB.

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