Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The New Oil law in Iraq may only be agreed after the end and improvement of the existed situation in Iraq

The numbers of the American soldiers killed in Iraq is on the increase every single day. Even the green zone which was one of the safest places before had been exposed into the heaviest bombardment yesterday. More than 25 peoples have been killed and wounded only according to the official figures, yet the numbers may be more.

In spite of all the failures, George W Bush keeps lying about the war against terrorism in Iraq. In deed his war is the one which brought terrorism there. If he is honest he should tell that the American forces has failed and indeed lost the war in Iraq long time ago. He and his Generals inside Iraq are trying to glue the rips but not to cure the whole situation. On the other hand they want the oil new system to be agreed and signed by the government and the parliament so quickly to control the oil of Iraq. Almost all Iraqis are opposing the new system about the oil. It is going to create more chaos and resistance. Indeed some of the resistance groups threatened to kill any one who is going to sign the new law about Iraq oil. George W Bush and Dick Cheney are trying to get their own companies to control and steal the Iraqi oil.

It is not right to sign any deal like this while the occupation is still controlling the country and the Iraqi government and the parliament are so weak that they are unable to protect the country from even the simplest attacks. In fact before the oil system is going to be changed the Iraqi government should be changed first to have a more strong government that is able to protect its people. It is so naïve to make a new system for the Iraqi oil which is one of the biggest resources in the world and the main wealth for the Iraqis, while Iraq is unable to protect itself from terrorism and from regional interferences. How can a country introduce such a deal while it is still under the most barbaric terrorism and occupation in the history of mankind?

Before any oil changes in Iraq the country needs to feel that it is not threatened from out or inside, its people are safe to go to work and not fearing from terrorism or occupied forces to kill them, seen some economic progression, having a strong government able to protect them, not under the occupation, having strong Iraqi forces to protect them, and many other factors before they are able to change the oil program. It is then have to be agreed by unbiased Iraqi professional specialists in the fields of oil and economy and then Iraqis have to vote on it after explanation of its contents. Only by this way the law will not be changed by the governments that may come to role in Iraq in future.

The new oil law is and will be rejected by the Iraqis. Unless the security situation improved and a new government formed and people fell that there are progressions in every thing in the country and the occupation is ended or will soon end by a timetable, unless doing all of that any oil law or deal will definitely fail. It will result in attacking the oil facilities and destroying them. Indeed we do not know how and Iranian origin person like Dr. Shahrastani who is the present Oil minister became and oil minister in spite of many other Iraqis who are more experienced in this field?!

It is therefore time to do changes in the government with out ethnic basis, improve security and Iraqi forces and putting timetable for withdrawal of US-British forces. After this the oil law can be changed for a new law by the Iraqis and not by the others.

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