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George Bush failure in Iraq causes more deaths and immediate changes are needed

The number of the American soldiers killed in Iraq is steadily increasing. The last 2 months were the worst since the beginning of the invasion in 2003. Today 5 more American soldiers killed. The total numbers killed reached 3600 soldiers while more wounded and much more having psychiatric and psychological diseases and problems. In fact this is the reported figures officially however the actual numbers even worse. Regarding the Iraqis all of them now suffering either losses or psychological problems from the war except the hypocritical corrupted politicians in the government and the parliament.

If the occupation is not going to put an end to its existence and interferences in the Iraqi affairs we should expect heavier losses not only among the Iraqi innocent citizens but among the occupied forces. George W Bush war has failed not only among the Iraqi support but it is facing a sliding downfall inside the USA and other parts of the world which was among the supporters for the war before. Soon Australia and the UK will pull their troops and they should do so sooner rather than later.

The Americans are going to be alone and they will pay heavy prices while GWB keeps lying about successes and progression in Iraq. If there is any success it is death and killing and destruction to this country and its people and the occupying soldiers.

America under GWB not only weakened the Iraqi forces and left the country without army and security but they imposed a fragile and weak government though by kind of election but based on sectarian and ethnic divisions. Moreover the USA interferes with every thing in Iraq including the protection they offer for the criminals, the terrorists and the corruptors. This includes ministers required for the Iraqi justice because of stealing millions of dollars and the USA offered them sanctuary and smuggled them outside Iraq to the USA. Indeed most of the corruption happening in Iraq is due to the interference of the GWB administrative representative in Iraq. It started of course from Paul Bremer who dissolved the Iraqi army and left the country to struggle in weakness.

One of the most important thing is the so weak Iraqi government that can not do anything for the country and this may suite the GWB policies in Iraq, at least this is what most of the Iraqis believe.

We think that the Iraqi government should be a strong one whether it is elected or not and it should have a strong army or at least to call the Iraqi army to get back and armed without interferences from the USA. In fact if the USA would like to achieve a better relation with the Iraqis for the future they should help in building up this army as soon as possible as it took long time just to create few weak and inefficient units. Moreover there is a need for a strong government not among the existed politicians who fight for power and this government should not be based on ethnic or seatrain issues. This government then may take the country as a whole into a time when more elections can be done with better security and stability as well as acts to end the occupation sooner rather than later. We think if GWB want to avoid farther failures and killing for the Iraqis and his own troops he should act immediately and not to wait for more deaths and destructions. However we are not convinced that this man is going to do it but keeps lying and lying and not bothered about his troops neither of course about the Iraqi innocent citizens.

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