Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Ugly war

Day 7 of continuous bombardment of civilians in Lebanon by Israeli forces. Children, women, old and young were and still killed and made homeless by this war. Lebanon infrastructure and services were destroyed. Families who have nothing to do with the conflict forced to leave their homes and stayed in the streets without food, medicine or any other basic services. It is a disaster and humanitarian catastrophic situation by ugly war.

The Lebanese civilians and the country infrastructure have nothing to do with Hizballah. Israel is wrong if it thinks that by attacking the civilians they are going to achieve anything other than increasing the hate and rancor. This will certainly increase the tension and bring more wars.

If Israel is serious about its soldiers it is impossible to get them out by this way and indeed they could have been killed by its own attack. If we assume that Israel is serious what the Israeli government is going to say about the number of Israelis who have been killed during this war and it is not yet finished. It is not logic to say that they do this for 2 soldiers yet they expose their civilians for more death and destructions and who knows what may come next.

It would have been much better for Israel if its government tried to release the two soldiers by talks with the Lebanese government or other mediators. By this they might have certainly saved their own civilians and might have secured the release by now.

The attack on Lebanon will leave its scars on that country for many years to come and will certainly not going to achieve more than just destructions, some orphan children, homeless people, handicapped men and women, in addition to hate and more wars and conflicts to come.

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