Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Israeli government put itself in a difficult situation

The Israeli government is shooting itself in the heart in its war against Lebanon. There is much evidence that this government started to get so confused and unable to decide its aims in the war especially those who are affected and targeted by Israel are the ordinary Lebanese civilians. On the other hand the rockets of Hizballah on the Israeli cities will force the Israelis to raise many doubts and loss their confidence in that government which deluded them by saying that it will achieve victory and stop Hizballah attacks by its air and ground strikes yet the attacks become more and the causalities in ground even worse.

Indeed the ground attack on the villages of south Lebanon until now showed the strength of the resistance of the fighters of Hizballah and the heavy causalities and price that the Israeli forces may pay day by day especially if it is going to push deeper inside Lebanon.

Israel calculation by attacking the ordinary civilians is wrong and it will not gain anything at all. Soon the Israeli citizens will discover the big lie that their government told them and the fate that it pushes them in to. There are many who believe that Hizballah until now haven’t used its full power which may reach deeper to Israeli capital. It will be so embarrassing for the Israeli government if such an attack started next.

There is no doubt that the Israeli government failed to achieve anything against Hizballah and the best example is its attacks on the civilian’s infrastructures. It is soon that the Israeli government will fail by its own barbaric action against the ordinary Lebanese people and by the causalities that the Israelis will pay in this ugly war.

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