Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

American soldiers committed terrorist action and crime

Three US soldiers committed criminal terrorist act against an Iraqi family near Al-Mahomodiya and one of them confessed about it recently.

The disgusting criminal act is now boiling inside Iraq. The American side said that they started investigation however a unilateral investigation is always useless and biased.

The story which is reacting on all levels in Iraq now is about four US soldiers raped and killed an Iraqi child who is only 16 years old girl near their check point south of Baghdad.

The girl mentioned to her parents earlier that the American soldiers in the check point making improper advances agnist her.

One day the four soldiers attacked the house of that female child and killed her mother 42 years old lady, her father 50 years old man and her sisters 15 and 7 years old girls! They then raped the 16 years old child and killed her by bullets on the heads and chest. The killer was Stephen Green a soldier from the first Battalion of the 502 regiment of the USA forces in the region 30 KM south of Baghdad.

The soldiers then tried to burn the bodies including the body of the child that they raped and killed. The bodies were then recovered by the local people and sent to the local hospital in mid March 2006. The crime happened in 12 March 2006.

This crime not less than the crimes of the terrorists and it will lead to extremely serious consequences for the American soldiers in the region. The reaction against such crimes will be very serious and the tribes and local people will make every effort to avoid such soldiers and even make them as targets as much as they can.

The one thing which has to be said at this moment is that the occupation of Iraq should end sooner rather than latter. The last 3 years converted Iraq into the most dangerous place in the world and made it the country of death, blood, killing, destruction, assassinations, rapes, and every possible crime.

Crimes from the kind mentioned here will turn all the Iraqis into the resistance against the occupation especially with the failures achieved over the last three years.

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