Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Israel attacks on Lebanon continue

Nine days of Israeli bombardment on civilians in Lebanon killed hundreds and left thousands without shelters can not be justified by capturing two Israeli soldiers by an ongoing war between the two sides (Israel and Hizballa).

This type of attacks on civilians and infrastructure will leave no doubts that if any other state would like to protect itself in future have to get the means of the most powerful weapons like nuclear weapons to be able to protect itself and its own citizens from others. If Lebanon is a militarily strong country or having nuclear weapons Israel will think hundred million times and will not attack at the end.

The war against Lebanon in such scale will push many other states in the Middle East to acquire or make nuclear weapons and they will push very strongly and immensely toward such an aim, taking in consideration the nuclear ability of Israel.

There will be no doubt then that the next war is going to be so destructive and include the whole Middle East.

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