Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Savage war on Lebanon

The ongoing barbaric attacks on the Lebanese civilians by the Israeli war machine has been confirmed by the UN envoy apart from the pictures shown by the media which only represent little part of the size of destruction.

The destruction in Lebanon by the Israeli war machine included civilian compounds, houses, flats, schools, hospitals, medical centers, roads, civil services centers, mosques, water plants, power stations and others. The situation in Lebanon is a humanitarian disaster by all means. This is how it was described by the UN envoy.

Hundred of thousands of families rendered homeless, thousands fled their destroyed homes and for safety, hundreds of children were killed, and all by all Lebanon infrastructures destroyed near fully.

In the attacked areas and as it was shown by the media the blood of the Lebanese children mixed with the burned bodies yet many of these bodies are still trapped under the rebels. This is an uncivilized barbaric war and never stands with the excuse of 2 prisoner of war soldiers.

On the other hand the Israeli attacks on the villages of southern Lebanon faced with strong resistance and will lead to more fighting as the guerilla war is yet to start. Guerilla war will inflict heavy causalities in the invading army.

There is one conclusion from this war and only one which is every state wants to protect itself and its civilians has to arm itself with nuclear power and heavy destructive war machine as Israel doing now.

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