Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq is moving forward despite the despicable thugs

The Arab terrorists especially the Saudis, Syrian, Jordanian, Libyan, Sudanese and others used Al-Falluja and the outcome was the destruction of the city driving away its people. Same thing happened in Al-Qaim, and again in Al-Karabla.

In Karabla the cockroaches used three factories to booby-trap cars. Important Syrian travel documents and many Saudi and Arab thugs have been killed there.

On this time Condoleezza Rice met the Saudi government vice-King (for life) and surprisingly she commends them for the referendums!
Nice referendums Dr Rice!
By the way they got her some top-to-bottom black veiled journalist in her press conference. One of these women (or may be veiled-man) asked her about the conditions in Guntanamo camp and when she will release the innocent prisoners!

Syria again was devious about the borders with Iraq. It took journalists and foreign representatives to show them that it built control post along the border with Iraq! This is just another deception. If they like to control the influx of terrorists they should first admit to their role in this then they should arrest all the scamps working for them. It is interestingly the Syrian move comes while the Qaida terrorists in Iraq announced the formation of new squads only from Iraqi suicidals only.
Both Saudi Arabia and Syria are deceiving the world.

In spite of the efforts of the despicable thugs everywhere, Iraq is moving forward and after each hardship there must be an ease to come.

Iraq needs a lot of help from its friends and allies especially USA, UK, Japan and Europe during the Brussels, Belgium conference on 22 June 2005. Not only financial help but any things which may improve services, open new businesses, improve security, training, health, education and putting back the oil industry to normal. Iraq needs a good links with the rest of the world using many airports. Najaf, Samawa, Nasyriyah, Basra, Irbil and Karbala are suitable areas for safer airports. Air link will help businesses in the stable areas where big businesses may be started. If the stable areas starting reconstruction with better services this will reduce unemployment and it will certainly reduce terrorism.

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