Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Al-Qaim, Syria, and the Sunni groups

After 22 Iraqi soldiers all of them are Shiites kidnapped near Al-Qaim which is on the border with Syria, the bodies of 16 of them were discovered just outside Al-Qaim. They have been killed after their eyes covered and their hands tied to their backs. Two of them have been decapitated and thrown near the main road.

Al-Qaim represents an entry point from Syria to Iraq for the Saudis, Syrians and other insurgents. From their, the insurgents go to Ramadi, Mosel and the other areas. Qaim also used as a logistic base for lots of activities which happen between Syria and Iraq.

The Syrian role to provide various support for terrorism in Iraq never stopped however they used different tactics to cover it. They probably used the same tactic to keep undercover security and military presence in Lebanon. Again the UN failed or deliberately failed itself by overlooking this.

In Iraq regarding the political process, the Sunni should denounce and stand against terrorism in words and action before they can ask for more seats in the political process of constitution and others. They themselves who refused to join the election process yet now they put their conditions to join the process. They asked that their condition should be accepted fully. One of these is by appointing previous regime officers in the process of writing the constitution!

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