Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Ransom: when will the Iraqi Attorney start working?

The French TV Channel 5 stated today that a ransom of 75 millions US Dollars was paid to Haiyat Ulama Moslemen of Hareth Al-Thari to release the French journalist Florence Aubenas. The TV stated that this ransom was paid to save Jacque Chirac in the next election. FA was kidnapped in Jan 2005 by one of the terrorists group which has a link with Al-Thari group. Althari is like the God-father for the terrorists groups and the outside negotiations with the kidnappers always occur through him and his group.

Today the Iraqi forces and US forces raid his house and found arms but he was not there.

Many times this man and his son and his group stated that they got strong link with the terrorists groups and they pay a great respect and support for Zarqawi.

The question is: When will the Iraqi government and the higher court by the Prosecuting Attorney may issue statements of arrest for all of those who support or have link with the terrorists and those who receive money from other states to support their criminal acts?

This is a serious warning to the Iraqi Prosecuting Attorney to start acting as a powerful law maker. Arrest all those who support terrorism soon, otherwise you will have more bloody days like today where tens of innocent Iraqis killed.

Palestinian woman in Gaza, today, protesting aganist Saddam trial.

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