Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Axis of Terrorism

More than 700 Iraqi and at least 70 US soldiers have been killed in the last month of May by the insurgents in Iraq.

Most of the killing was by roadside bombs or booby-trapped cars however suicidal attacks have been used many times.
On the other hand the kidnapping and killing operations against the Shiites increased substantially in a way that the declared part of it in the news only represent the surface of the floating ice.

The terrorists' operations are somehow well organized, logistically covered and financially well supported. To do that there are 3 main Arab states providing a full support in spite of their official denial. Syria, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the main countries providing support for the terrorists in Iraq while other Arab countries providing information and propaganda support. Radical Islamists in Jordan, Iran, Kuwait, and other Arab states also provides different kinds of support. Radical groups especially Al-Qaeda supporters in the Western countries play an important role in recruitments, propaganda, financial and many other supports. One of the big mouths providing not only propaganda but well-formed support for the terrorists is the Qatari TV Al-Jazeera.

Syria, Saudi Arabia and Qatar states are coordinating with the Wahabi and Salafi groups for the support of the terrorists in Iraq. They plan together, separately &/or with the radical groups in the Western countries for mobilization of manpower and financial support for the insurgents in Iraq. Part of the support goes to the media especially the TV channels.

In Saudi Arabia many groups (thousands) have been recruited for the insurgents in Iraq inside the Mosques and the Religious Institutions and under the eyes of the Saudi Authorities. Not once these Authorities denied that they do not know enough about these activities to prevent them yet it happened in front of their eyes with a close range to their ears.

There are many reports from different sources and from the confessions of the captured Arab insurgents that there are high level of arrangement between the Saudi recruitments and financial support and the Syrian Intelligent Authorities which is directly linked with the highest Authorities in Syria. Syria as well as Saudi Arabia intentionally lastly mentioned the capture of thousands of insurgents in Syria most of them are Saudis. They only did that after strong evidence given by the insurgents about the involvement of these countries in training, recruiting and providing all support for the insurgents in Iraq. This is just part of equivocation and double entendre by saying that they will secure the border from the insurgents yet they are doing the reverse.

There is much strong evidence about the cooperative work between the Saudi and Syrian Intelligent services to allow the passages of the insurgents to Iraq. The best example is the freedom that the insurgents enjoying in these countries to enable them to go in thousands to Iraq. This is the reason why the Saudi Authorities denied such number, however they can not hide the number of families in all parts of Saudi Arabia who are receiving news about their sons killed in Iraq.
The allegations of the Saudi Authorities regarding the war against terrorism are nothing but void.

Directly and indirectly the Arab media celebrated the last statement by Zarqawi as an indication for him surviving the attack.

The Saudi (philanthropic) aids to the citizens of Falluja were nothing but multiple supports in many forms to the insurgents according to the recent confessions by the captured ones. The food and clothes used to be sent under charitable organization were distributed to the fighters. Some of these organizations are officials and others are working under the official agreement of the Saudi Authorities.

Not only KSA used its relation with the USA to cover its real and more active face but the little state of Qatar played a major role in providing sanctuary on its soil for the terrorists' organization from Al-Qaeda plus its open support for Al-Jazeera channel. The double face of good relation with the West and providing support for the enemy which aim to destroy that West can not be simply ignored. The question is; which side of the double face is the real one? There is no need to think twice to know that their real face is the covered one.

The Syrian involvement in the region trying to hinder or delay the downfall of its Baathist regime is so clear in Iraq and Lebanon as well as with its own citizens. However the Syrian regime is in fact digging its won hole by such atrocities. Syrian direct support for the terrorists in Iraq will speed the regime fall down instead of delaying its regression.

It is clearly that the terrorism in Middle East enjoying many supports from well known governments and groups inside or groups in the West linked to their countries.

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