Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Special Iraqi Forces freed Douglas Wood

Douglas Wood is the first hostage freed by the Iraqi Special Forces after a raid on his captives.

Three thugs were killed and other arrested on a raid on a house in Al-Ghazaliyah region in Baghdad where DW kept in. Five bodies were discovered in the site one of them is a woman.

The raid was carried out based on information about a possible foreign hostage in the site. The Iraqi forces carried the raid under the cover of (The Lightening operation). Once entered the house they found the kidnapper who alleged that the person sleeping under the blanket is their ill father. The soldiers then pulled the blanket to find DW with tied hands and legs.

Earlier, rumors raised about a ransom of 10 million dollars was sent to Hareth Al-Thari to free DW. The ransom was taken by a mediator who was provided with a GPS telephone which can be detected by the satellite. The target was then followed and the hostage released with out paying any ransom to the kidnappers not to Al-Thari.

The Mufti of Australia (Eiz Deen Hilali) who is an Egyptian announced from Egypt to Al-Jazeera TV yesterday that the (Mujahdeen) asked for 25 millions but because he will carry their logical and reasonable demands to the world they agreed to free him. He was sympathized with the terrorists calling them resisters mujahdeen. The statement by the Australian and Iraqi officials including representative from the Iraqi Forces, deny the lie of Hilali.

On the other hand the terrorist attacks against the Iraqi forces, the civilians and the multinational forces continued. In one attack at leas 37 Iraqi soldiers have been killed during a dinner. The suicidal thug was wearing an Iraqi forces uniform in the restaurant and he detained his explosives during the peak of the gathering of the soldiers for food.

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