Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

A Program shown by British TV is full of lie and false

One of the British channels called channel 4 showed a program last night called the (Death Squad) and it was sent to us by an email. They interviewed one Iraqi Sunni MP called M Al-Diyni. The program was full of biased comments and lies. The aim of it is to inflame the civil war which already exists in Iraq.

Those who did the program were aiming for more division between the Iraqi society rather than reconciliation. The program could have been fairer if they showed the other side of the equation.

The program is motivated just for a paid propaganda. They should have been asked themselves and discussed the original cause which reached Iraq into this stage. It is the support of the West including those who created such program for Saddam in his war in 1981 for 8 years against Iran which led to 2 millions killed and more handicapped. Then it is the destruction of Iraq by their war machine in 1991 followed by their 12 years blocked which killed farther 1 million. This followed by the existed situation where their invasion pulled Al-Qaeda which is a Western made organization into Iraq and every one knows that Al-Qaeda is a Wahabi organization. Wahabism was in early 20th Century supported by Britain.

In the program of the named channel they mislead their viewers which is not such an honest matter.

They haven't translated the words from Arabic as exactly as it is or not to do so if not suiting their agenda.

In Iraq nowadays every one can wear police uniform and attack or commit crimes in the name of the police yet they are criminals or belong to Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda clearly announced that they went to create a civil war which is the exact aim of the above program by channel 4 when they are talking about Sunni and Shiites.

The attacks in Iraq and ethic cleansing involved both sides the Sunni and the Shiites so to be fair the attacks against the other side have to be shown because they are on much larger scale and happening daily by suicides, car bombs, assassinations, killing, kidnappings and name it and get it.

Indeed the Iraqi government should not allow any media seeking propaganda to inflame the civil war inside Iraq like the above program which completely telling tells full of lie and aiming to inflame civil war. The Iraqi government should clamp media from outside in view of existed situation which is already created by these medias which it self made their viewers to believe that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction to make the sanction continued which was the biggest weapon of mass destruction and killed millions of children.

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