Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Sadr city massacre

Even with ongoing daily attacks, killings and all kind of chaos in the security and other issues in Iraq especially Baghdad; but the massacre in Sadr city was the worst since the fall of the regime in 2003. Not only was the number of casualities which reached until now into 500 innocent civilians but the way and the place barbaric.

The attack carried out by huge amount of explosives in open market places and during the peak when the people going for shopping or work. Many of the victims were children. Not only that but the attackers followed their barbaric act by firing rockets on the crowed who gathered to help transferring wounded and killed.

Once again this indicates the failure of the government and the occupying forces to provide the simplest kind of the security. It is not a war between militias and others but it may be just the beginning of a civil war that is going to happen openly and on a large scale may be soon. The Sadr city citizens suffered continuously from attacks by the terrorists and by the American forces. They now had enough and were calling for the government to resign. They will soon have the power in their hands to punish the enemy which attacks them and they know it very well. This enemy got supporters in the government and in the political factions. Some of them were calling for revenge against Sadr city few days ago. The next few days will witness a new kind of revenge against these heads and the terrorists no matter what the government will do.

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