Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

A Lesson for the Tyrants and Dictators

At last the trial of Saddam Hussein came to an end in only one of the large and many crimes that he and his regime committed against the Iraqis and the other people in the region. No one likes to see their leaders killed or sentenced if the leaders are fair, wise and honest. Saddam was one of the most tyrants in the history of mankind not only against his own people but the others. His rising and falling is a lesson to the other dictators especially in the region.

We are not here to count his crimes because a lot has been said about them but to say that these crimes represent the tip of the iceberg only. At last he and his aides in these crimes have to get justice. Though this is not going to bring back the beloved ones that he killed to their families but at least it will sooth their long-lasting inflamed wounds and above all it will help to prevent similar things to happen not only in Iraq but elsewhere.

The sentence of Saddam is a step forward for the end of a dark period on the life of Iraq and the world. This may give more hope for the Iraqis and stability in the region.

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