Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Hostages of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education

More than one hundred employee and visitors to the MHE have been taken hostages during the peak of the working hours! All the hostages were taken by armed men into big cars and driven into an unknown place!

All this is happening in a country under daily attacks from terrorists and criminals and under occupation. It is strange and no one can believe it. Where were the police and the security guards of the ministry? Can any one believe that after this the hundred hostages taken off by cars in the center of the Capital without any intervention from the government forces?!

Thousands of questions we put them in front of the Iraqi government that they need to answer them. It is shame on those who are sitting in Saddam's Palaces inside the Green Zone and assuming themselves as the leader of the new Iraq yet do and may know nothing about such criminal acts inside one of the largest and important ministry in Baghdad.

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