Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The war against terrorism is poor and poorly selective

The relationship between the Wahabi doctrine and the Saudi (Royal) family is a very well known fact. With the help, support and financial supplies from this family the Wahabi doctrine flourished, spread and became the main doctrine in that country. The roots between both side are very strong so as the death of one will certainly mean the death of the other. The family of El-Saud is Wahabist family in it's believe though in secret most of them practice no religion but corruption.

The Wahabi doctrine preaches based on the hate for the other non-wahabis with some exceptions to the Sunni Muslims. The others should be exterminated when the opportunity come or converted to the Wahabi believes. The outcome for such principles was very clear in the last few years especially after the events of 2001 in New York and the rest of the world.

It is impossible to separate the Saudi government and the main religious school of hate in that state. The Saudi government is no difference from the rest of the Middle East dictators. It suppresses half of its society (the women) and nearly 20% of their populations who are Shiites are treated as second class citizens. The top Wahabi Sheikh appointed by the government, once asked about the Shiites and he replied by a fatwa considering them as infidels, that should not be listened to them neither to eat or drink with them and not to marry them. One of the top wahabi sheikhs called to prevent the Shiites from even simple jobs including teachers or clerks or jobs with the army or police. The discrimination extends to involve the acceptance of the students in the universities and higher training.

The visit of the vice-King of Saudi Arabia to the USA and the warm welcome of President Bush is contradicting GWB call for democracy, anti-terrorist war and calls for changes in the region. Saudi Arabia has not done enough against the terrorism and instead of preventing financial and logistic support of terrorism in Iraq it expressed concerns about democratic state in Iraq. They, instead of giving their Shiites citizen what they deserve of equal treatment, are complaining about free and democratic Iraq. It is the same call which kept Saddam in power after the war of Kuwait in 1991.

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