Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

What happened in Mdaien?

Mdaien or Salman Bak is one of the most historic beautiful places South of Baghdad. Shiites and Sunnis lived there for so long time with out problems.

Two days ago groups of terrorists included Baathists from the old regime, Wahabis, and criminals from Iraq and Arab countries took more than 100 Shiites hostages including women and children. They tried to ignite a civil war and to spread into other areas. They then can execute large scale attacks and inflame the situation.

The only thing which foiled their plan was the stand of the Iraqi citizens in Mdaien with the Iraqi forces entered the city. The people provided important information about the terrorists who killed their hostages and escaped into the other side of the river.
At least 50 bodies were recovered later a little bit south in the river Tigris.

The (failed) Interior Minister Al-Nakeeb stated that there was no evidence of hostage taking just to cover his failure in preventing it. Two weeks earlier the citizens of Mdaien protested in Baghdad in the Ferdos Square against the terrorists’ criminal activities in their area yet the failed Iyad Alawi government done nothing and listened not.

The security in Iraq is the biggest failure since the entry of the multi-national forces 2003. There are many causes for this big failure. One of the main causes is the lack of sever punishments which should be compatible with the scale of the problem including the capital punishment which was abolished by Paul Bremer. The other cause is the weakness of the government due to the lack of ability to take decisions. This is again due to lack of professional abilities and big corruption. The other cause is the inability of the government to make decisions in certain aspects without going back to the occupation authorities. This leads to duplicated decisions, lack of orders and weakness.

One important factor is the delay of the formation of the new government for so long time. This is not only indicates the failure of Al-Jaffri to form the government but also indicates how dictator and selfish is Iyad Alawi who put many hurdles just to stay in power. The percentage of corruption in Alawi’s ministers and their ministries is more than 75%!

Radical changes are needed to control the security issue and on the top of it is clearance of the security system by the new government which should form itself immediate or declare its failure. Finally trials and sever punishment should be implemented without any farther delay including the trial of Saddam and his members.

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