Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Worsened security in Iraq

More than 2 years passed since the fall of the tyrant regime in Baghdad and the beginning of the occupation. Officially the occupation ended by the end of the CPA which represent the authority of the occupied forces, however in practice the multinational forces lead by the US are still considered as occupied forces.

The security situation and the terrorists’ attacks against the Iraqi civilians are getting worse especially in the last few weeks. Today more than 100 bodies were found floating in the river Tigirs 20 KM south of Mdaien after the terrorist killed the hostage Shiites. Some of them belong to beheaded young women and children. In another attack the Wahabi terrorists kidnapped 19 Iraqi National Guards and killed them in front of the people in Hadietha near Ramadi which is mainly Sunni populated area. In Baghdad 3 booby-trapped cars exploded today leaving many casualties among the civilians and the US forces. At least two US vehicles were destroyed completely in one of these attacks.

Not only the security situation getting worse but the corruption in Iyad Alawi government reached more than 75% and in spite of the Dec 2004 election there are known and unknown hurdles in the formation of the new government.

The reconstructions of the services and other sectors are on standstill and their maintenance are very poor so these services like the water, electricity, sewage, etc are getting worse and disasters in many area.

The terrorist activities extended to include the poisoning of the wheat flower and the imported wheat from Australia with Iron sawdust. Last week they burned the biggest market in the center of Baghdad (Al-Shorja market) which is the largest supplier to many shops not only in Baghdad but all the cities in Iraq.

Iraq is still without airport connection with the rest of the world in spite of presence of many functionally able airports in Baghdad, Basrah, Irbel, Nasyriyah and others. One of the most suitable areas for airport connection are Karbala and Najaf.

Iraq can NOT be seen as a model for changes and democracy in the Middle East if its situation remained as it is now. Many are now seen the increments in the terrorists’ attacks and other circumstances in Iraq as a success to the terrorists against the US and other forces in Iraq. If continued it is just a matter of time before them declare victory.

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