Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

When will Iraqi forces start liberating Fuloja?!

In this video it showed the four Iraqi soldiers killed by terrorist Qaeda group in Fuloja.   The soldiers were asked to help a patient then they were kidnapped by the terrorists and killed.  

If the terrorist left in Fuloja controlling the whole city and trying to extend their control to other areas the more of such killing we will see.  This is the main terrorist who killed the soldiers:

There should be no negotiation with the terrorists and criminals only on one condition that they surrender.  Around 80% of the Fuloja civilians are now escaped out and there is no excuse to leave the terrorists free in that city. 

No doubts if the Iraqi forces enter Fuloja to liberate it from the terrorists there will be some causalities.  However with around 80% of its civilians escaped and with the help of air strikes against the Qaeda groups casualties will be reduced.  In fact the more the insurgents dig strong hold for them the more the casualties. 

Time run out and Iraqi forces should start operation sooner leaving no options for the terrorists but surrender or killed?!

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